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About Digital Knockers

Managing your brand’s digital ecology with a results-driven strategy! We do everything in-house, from digital media buying to campaign development, blogger outreach programmes, and content development.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

We create digital experiences that make a difference for you and your consumers. Our teams combine strategy, customer intelligence, and technology engineering to assist you in resolving customer problems quickly and demonstrating quantitative effect against your strategic goals.

We believe in earned media and create marketing vehicles to get your business seen when and where it matters most. Our multicultural team is driven to build something unique, to explore the digital environment, and to take ownership of the companies we serve.


We focus on our established approach, which comprises several unique phases, to produce the finest digital strategies:

Before we define your digital strategy, we listen, ask questions, challenge, examine, and absorb as much information as we can about your company and its consumers. The more we immerse ourselves, the more strategic our contribution will be. Seminars, stakeholder interviews, one-on-one research sessions, analysis of data, search analysis, systems analysis, and third-party research are all used to accomplish this.
We then define your digital strategy, which may include articulating your vision, establishing goals and baselines, outlining any survival and competitiveness and strategic focus areas, highlighting your customer personas, writing user stories, channel planning, establishing success metrics, and other activities.
We outline exactly how you can bring your approach to life after the high-level strategy is established. This involves creating things like a customer experience map, which will serve as the foundation for our future work.

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